Links with information of Ogasawara

Sightseeing in Ogasawara

・Institute Tokyo Islands Tourism Association Ogasawara Village Tourist Office

A website of Ogasawara’s overall tourism information center, located in Takeshiba, Tokyo. Offering special information, magnificent photos and videos provided by island locals and fans of the Ogasawara Islands.

・Ogasawara Village Tourist Association

The website of the Ogasawara Village Tourist Association on the neighboring island of “Chichijima”. Visit here for information on accommodation facilities and tours on “Chichijima”.

・Ogasawara Whale Watching Association(OWA)

This website provides information about whales. Whale watching in Japan began in the Ogasawara Islands, and specific rules for whale watching were implemented in Hahajima from 1989. Surveys, research, and educational as well as awareness-raising activities regarding dolphins and whales are also being carried out.

Specialties of Tokyo

・Tokyo Islands

This is the official website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Islands Promotion Corporation. Information regarding tourism of the Izu Islands/ Ogasawara Islands, local specialties and industries, hot topics, and various events are available.

Travel agency/ Transportation

・OgasawaraKaiun Co., Ltd.

This is the website of the company operating the “Ogasawara Maru”, the regular passenger liner running between Takeshiba, Tokyo and Chichijima. Visit here for purchasing tickets and confirming the ship schedule.

・Izu Shoto Kaihatsu Corporation

This is the website of the company operating the “Hahajima Maru”, the regular passenger liner running between Chichijima and Hahajima.

Government/ School/ Other Organizations

・Ogasawara Village

This is the official website of the Ogasawara Village Office.

・Ogasawara Islands Nature Information Center

Visit here for details regarding the nature of Ogasawara and its natural world heritage. There is also a digital brochure about natural heritages.

Other websites

・Sumida Aquarium

This aquarium is located within the Tokyo Skytree Town, featuring a special water tank with the sea creatures of Ogasawara.

・Tokyo Islands Tourism Association

Offering a vast amount of information about the Ogasawara Islands as well as the seven Izu Islands. Here is the link for the Izu Seven Islands page.