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Access to Hahajima

Access to Hahajima

Access to Hahajima

From Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal, Tokyo to Chichijima, Ogasawara

By the regular liner, “Ogasawara-maru” of OgasawaraKaiun Co., Ltd. that leaves from Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal, Tokyo to Chichijima, Ogasawara.

One way takes 24 and a half hours. There is no air route.

From Chichijima, Ogasawara to Hahajima, Ogasawara

Approximately 50km further south from Chichijima, by the “Hahajima-maru” of Izu Shoto Kaihatsu Co.
It takes approximately 2 hours by the regular liner “Hahajima-maru” to Hahajima.

About the Hahajima-maru

Regular liner running between Chichijima and Hahajima
“Hahajima-maru” (499 tons)
Reservations cannot be made for the Hahajima-maru.
Please purchase tickets at the Hahajima-maru passenger waiting room next to the Ogasawara-maru passenger waiting room.

About the Ogasawara-maru

Please confirm details of the Ogasawara-maru on the homepage of OgasawaraKaiun Co., Ltd.

Transportation on Hahajima

All locations within the village area can be accessed on foot,
however cars or motorbikes are required for visiting other sightseeing spots such as Kita Port and Minamizaki.
There are no public transportations on Hahajima.
Please use transportation with charge (share taxi), rental cars, or rental motorbikes.

* There are no rental bicycles.

Rental car

There is only one rental car store on Hahajima.
We recommend that you make reservations in advance as the number of available vehicles is limited.

Rental motorbike

There are two rental bike providers on Hahajima..
Both do not accept reservations, so please visit them directly to check for availability of motorbikes.

What is a share taxi?

This taxi will take you to your desired destination.
There are also island tour courses with guide drivers. (Only in Japanese)
Please be aware they can only be used by reservation.

[Shipping charge]
Driving distance 1 person 2 person 3 person〜 Destination
Up to 2km ¥900 ¥450 ¥300 Old Heliport・Miyukinohama Beach
Up to 5km ¥1,800 ¥900 ¥600 Mt.Kuwanokiyama・The entrance of Minamizaki trail(The southern tip of the metropolitan road)
Up to 10km ¥3,300 ¥1,650 ¥1,100 The Wreck of Cannon under Higashiko bay
Seachlight・The Wreck of Searchlight
Up to 12km ¥3,900 ¥1,950 ¥1,300 Higashiko Bay・Kitako Bay

*Fees are for one way per person.
*Infants below the age of 3 are free of charge.

Things to know before visiting Hahajima

Please read carefully before visiting Hahajima.

The tickets of the Hahajima-maru cannot be reserved beforehand.

Tickets are sold about 1 hour before departure time on the day of departure.
The ship rarely becomes full where people are unable to ride.

Regarding medicines

There are no pharmacies on Hahajima, and there aren’t any stores that sell medicines either so please be prepared!
Motion sickness pills can be purchases at the pharmacy on Chichijima,
so please prepare for a round trip before embarking the Hahajima-maru.

Only a few accommodation facilities/ restaurants or stores accept credit cards

Please directly contact accommodation facilities/ restaurants or stores beforehand for details.
Cash cards of Japanese banks and the post office bank can be used at the ATM of JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative)

Lunch is served at some of the restaurants, or you can make advanced reservations for lunch boxes!

Lunch boxes are sold at “Restaurant Austro” (reservation on the day before required), and “Hahajima Bento” (reservation required until 10:00 a.m. on the day).
Spam onigiri (rice balls) are sold from 8:99 a.m. at the Hahajima Agricultural Cooperative store.
It’s also possible to ask accommodation facilities to prepare lunch boxes if you are planning to go out from the morning (please inform the staff until the day before).

Regarding cellular phones

NTT docomo, au, and Softbank can be used within the villages.
However the reception can become weak as you move further away from the villages.

The sun can still be strong in the winter. It is also necessary to keep warm.

Make sure to bring hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen when going out to sea or for walks around the island during the day!!
The Ogasawara Islands may have the impression of being warm throughout the year.
However the average temperature can drop below 20℃ between January and March.
People visiting during the season between December and May should bring warm clothes for the mornings and evenings!!

Take precautions for heat strokes!

There are no places for resupplying drinking water outside of the village.
Please bring plenty of drinking water when visiting places that require time to go and return.

Bring rain gear and wear trekking shoes when hiking in the mountains!

The dirt on Hahajima is clay-like and slippery.
Make sure to wear proper climbing or trekking shoes when hiking to Mt. Kofuji, Mt. Chibusayama, Sekimon, or Mt. Sakaigatake.
The weather in the mountains can be unstable, so also make sure to bring rain gear.

Please use portable toilets in order to protect the environment!

There are no toilets in the mountains, therefore we ask that you use portable toilets.
These portable toilets are sold at the Hahajima Tourist Association (380 yen).